As a Pega Partner, TechRegula provides software solutions primarily focused on business process management, and case management using Pega's platforms. Our services range from architectural design to development to business process refinement. 

Pega develops software in customer engagement and operational excellence, and TechRegula builds on that to ensure customer satisfaction. 



A Leading Pega Practice

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We believe that investment in information technology infrastructure is crucial to the success of the enterprise, It is very important to safely and smoothly deliver a complete solution that maximizes the return on this investment.At TechRegula, we pride ourself with taking complete responsibility and successfully deliver end-to-end solutions, for example, we recently completed a multi-year engagement with Blue Cross Blue Shield to rebuild their entire Group Sales platform entirely on the Pega platform. We lead this Pega enablement which involved: Team Building, Architecture, Implementation and mentoring of Client Teams. 

Our Services


​Architecture is the foundation of every application, and is one of the main indicators of application success.

Design and Implementation

Our team specializes in design and implementation using the Pega platform (Pega 7).

Mobile Development

Design and implementation of applications on any size device, whether it be with or without internet connection.

User Experience (UX)

An applications effectiveness is based on the user's experience. Our UX specialists ensure best practices are followed.

BPM Solution Delivery

Our BPM Solutions are built using the Pega platform to increase your efficiency and productivity within budget.

CPM Solution Delivery

Our CPM Solutions are built to require little to no maintenance, while increasing the efficiency and productivity of your business.