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Consulting Services

As a Pega Partner, TechRegula provides software solutions primarily focused on business process management, and case management using Pega platforms. Our services range from architectural design to development to business process refinement.


Architecture is the foundation of every application, and is one of the main indicators of application success. Our architectural design promotes reuse and maintainability to reach a more cost efficient result.

Mobile Development

Our team provides expertise in going mobile. This includes the full design of the application on any size device, whether it be with or without internet connection.

Design and Implementation

Our team specializes in design and implementation using the Pega platform (Pega7). Our goal is to deliver the highest quality application on time and within budget.

User Experience (UX) Design

An applications effectiveness is based on the user's experience. Our user experience design varies from application to application, but our principle is the same; What is easier for the user?

Solution Delivery

With a proven track record in handling the most complex Pega projects with a record success rate, our system and business architecture spans over many solutions, including Business Process Management (BPM), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and Decision Management (DM).

Our team of Pega Certified System and Business Architects have many years of experience in delivering BPM, CRM, and Decision Management solutions. Our delivers have primarily used Agile, while leveraging different project management tools, including Pega's Project Management Framework (PMF).

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